8 Superfoods to Charge Your Weight Loss Program

Staying on a weight loss program can be frustrating at times. One seems to be going nowhere. For any weight loss program to work you have to put in the time. Every program has its pros and cons. Let the program show its best qualities. Do not quit out on a program before trying it at least for a month or two.

Compliment your plan goals with your diet. The age old maxim of ‘you are what you eat,’ stands true. Take joy in your fitness goals. Make it interesting and fun to work out and eat your way towards your goals.

But what if your goal is to lose that slab of fat around your waist that makes wearing jeans a chore for Hercules? In such a situation can you be recommended to eat more of some foods?

Superfoods are out there

The answer is YES. There are foods out there that can actually help in trimming down your waist. Yes you read that right.

Here are the foods best known for weight loss. They are known as Superfoods. (Not like they are the supermen of foods but in the sense that they are foods that will actually help in fighting weight loss battles for you.)

Here is the list of your soon to be friends. Learn their names. Make them your dear friends. And always have them near you. Be clingy and creepy around them, hecks get all munchies on them. They don’t mind.


Superfood # 1. Grapefruit:-

The grapefruit has long been associated with weight loss diet programs. In fact in the earlier 1930s a study recommended a diet solely based on this fruit for reaping weight loss benefits. Another study published in Metabolism journal found that eating half a grapefruit half an hour before a meal can help reduce stomach circumference and torching the belly fat by up to 1 inch in just six weeks. Now that’s called solid progress. However due to strong phytochemicals in the grapefruit it can cause some negative effects on digestion if not used in the proper quantity. Usually half a grapefruit is enough for weight loss purposes.

Superfood # 2. Quinoa:-

 Quinoa has been known to help with weight loss quite recently. Vegetarians incorporate quinoa as their diet’s staple. The quinoa’s amazing quality is that it makes one feel full so quickly and keeps it that way for a longer time. It contains nutritious vitamins as an added bonus. It’s low caloric superfood. Incorporate quinoa into your diet and say adieu to hunger pangs.

Superfood # 3. Green Tea:-

The third on our list of super foods is actually a super drink. Green tea has been around for a long time. In fact in certain cultures it is taken regularly through out the day and after meals. A study published in the Journal of Nutrition found that weight loss workouts are better complimented with sipping four to five cups of green tea after workouts.

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The study published its results after studying two groups of participants on a weight loss program. Both the groups spent around 25 minutes at the gym working out. The one group sipped four to five cups of green tea and managed to lose considerable belly fat after the two week mark. Reason? Green tea contains antioxidant Catechins that help in torching belly fat and aiding weight loss. Always take green tea after your workouts and meals. It’s the elixir of any weight loss program.

Superfood # 4. Egg Whites:-

Should you eat the yolks or leave them out? The debate has raged on for so long nobody remembers who fired the first argument. Yolks aside, one thing we all agree on is that egg whites are a great source of protein. So go for egg whites. Be safe and wise.

Superfood # 5. Nuts:-

Nuts are those amazing Superfoods liked by vegetarians and Paleo followers alike. Humans can’t seem to live without their nuts (no pun intended). Nuts are a great source of the good fats. The good fats are those fats that actually burn other fats. They help in weight loss. Plus nuts are so easy to incorporate into your diet plan. Eat them raw like almonds, cashews, walnut etc. or grind them and sprinkle them on your main or side dishes, any way you put them you should get them into your diet. They are tasty and fun to eat and plus they carry all the good fat essential for your weight loss goals.

Superfood #6. Legumes and Beans:-

A four week Spanish study on restricted dieting found out that four weekly servings of legumes aids in weight loss more than a diet that doesn’t include the legumes.

They are a great source of protein and vitamins essential for bodily functions and growth. They are easy to make and cheaper. They also make you feel full for a longer time.

Superfood # 7. Greek Yoghurt:-

A study published in Nutrition Journal found that Vitamin D and Calcium is a killer combo to fight off belly fat and staple for a weight loss program. Both these nutrients are found in rich quantity in the Greek yoghurt. The Greek yoghurt also helps with cravings and hunger as it makes you full for a longer time.

Superfood # 8. Blueberries:-

The blueberries not only help with weight loss but they specifically target the fat. So say good bye to fat around your belly in weeks of incorporating blueberries to your diet.

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They taste amazing and are easy to incorporate in to meals. Their fat burning properties are almost unparalleled in the superfood realm. Take as many other berries you like along with the blueberries. All of the berry family is weight loss friendly folk.

Here you go…

So here was the list of Superfoods that can really ignite a super charged torcher under those fat stores. Be sure to follow your exercise and the rest of diet plans along with incorporating these Superfoods into the mix, and you’ll be losing weight in no time hopefully.

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