EaseQuit Quit Smoking Review in 7 Days – Does it Work?

EaseQuit reviews


Quick Information:

  • Name of the Product: EaseQuit Quit Smoking
  • Purpose: Helps in Quitting Smoking
  • Price: $45
  • Promo:  Retail Price is $59 (get it at discounted rate on official website)
  • Official Website: EaseQuit Official Website


Being healthy should be the most important goal of every human being. Our Happiness and well being totally rely on our healthy lifestyle.

Health issues not only affect a single person but also people around him/her. A healthy lifestyle is necessary for economic growth and productivity of our country.

As people are getting more aware of the importance of being healthy, they are more into dealing with health issues and its causes.

Smoking is one of the huge dilemmas of our lives. Every third person of the world is into smoking. It just not ends here smoking is just a first step to becoming addicted to other drugs as well.

Awareness of damages caused by smoking encourages people to quit smoking and live a healthy life. In this advanced era, it is not that difficult to quit smoking.

As new studies are revealing particular ways to deal with such issue to regular basis. There are efficient and easy going ways to stop smoking in just days. It just needs your dedication to diminish this curse from your life and stay healthy.


EaseQUIT Quit Smoking Review

EaseQUIT is auricles therapy magnet. It is one of the products which effectively help you to quit smoking just in days. EaseQUIT is a bioactive magnet which completely eliminates your reliance on nicotine.

These magnets work through auricle therapy. It is the most efficient, speedy and easiest possible way to become smoke-free in no time. EaseQUIT  is entirely nicotine and chemicals free treatment.


How EaseQUIT Works

EaseQUIT works through auricular therapy. These bioactive magnets enable your body to cope with this unwanted habit of smoking. No chemicals used in this treatment.

You just need to put two magnets on your ear, one outside and other inside the ear. These magnets enable your brain to release endorphins, and these endorphins turn on opioid receptors which give your body calming and pain-reviled feeling that ultimately kick off your psychological dependence on the carving of having nicotine.

quit smoking in 7 days

These magnets are coated in 24k gold to prevent their reaction on sensitive skin. EaseQUIT  also deals with the withdrawal symptoms associated with smoking.


Why EaseQUIT

EaseQUIT  is the most reasonable and pain-free treatment to become smoke-free.

You just need to wear Auriculotherapy magnets, exert pressure on specific points on your ear that linked to your brain called auricle. These auricles let your brain to release relaxing endorphins that work as a substitute for the feeling of satisfaction you get from smoking.

This product gradually diverts your from nicotine so you can easily quit smoking in just a week. Also, it has no side effect.


How to use EaseQuit

EaseQUIT  is very easy to use. Wear these magnets on your ears for 3 to 4 hours every day for at least 1 week. This product claims to prevent you from smoking, and it will kill your cravings for the lifetime.

Follow these simple three steps:

1: put these magnets on your fingertips.

2: small magnet needs to be placed inside/front of your ear at a precise point.

3: position the other large magnet on outer side/ back of your ear

You don’t have to do anything else, just do your routine activities along. Within seven days you will feel the difference that how it will slowly kill your desire for nicotine.

For effective results continue to wear these magnets at least for 28 days. So your body will get used to of staying away from Nicotine, and your dependency over it will be abolished. That’s It.!!



Auriculotherapy is considered a treatment process in which ear is considered as a microsystem. In this therapy, the ear is being mapped, and our whole body system can be influenced by putting pressure on specific points of an ear.

The ear has connection with almost all parts of body and brain as well. So issues with other parts of the body can be treated by applying pressure on certain parts of ear also called reflex points.

When pressure is being applied to these reflex points, they produce nerve impulses which are directly send to the brain. With therapy is helpful to deal with stress, pain, calmness and it also helped to get rid of smoking. Needles are not used in this process.

There are many ways to apply pressure on certain points of the ear. It could be done by laser therapy, also called electrostimulation, ear pellets, manually with fingers and with the help of bioelectric magnets like EaseQUIT.


Pros and Cons 


  • Nicotine free and chemical free
  • Easy to use
  • No side effects
  • No suffering from cravings and withdrawal symptoms
  • No need to buy it again and refill
  • Ease from injected and chemicals treatments.
  • No needles
  • Pain free
  • Cost effective
  • One kit for lifetime
  • Useful Results within days
  • Money back guarantee in 30 days


  • No money back guarantee offer is not applicable for opened products



You can buy it directly from a retailer in $58.94, but if you order it through the following website, it will cost you just $45.84. This way you can save $13.10. They offer free and fast shipping. Also, money back guarantees within 30 days if you don’t find satisfactory results, which is surely not going to happen.



If you are serious about quitting smoking and want to live a healthy life. Unlike other panic and expensive treatments where you have to go through proper treatment processes, it is very helpful treatment where you don’t need to feel or behave like a patient. EaseQUIT worth a try. Highly Recommended!!

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