NICONOT Stop Smoking Pills Review

Smoking kills..!! People usually start smoking because their friends do or it looks classy, or their curiosity of how it tastes leads them to do so.

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It’s shocking and alarming but true that nowadays our coming youth is more into drugs and smoking because of the boredom.
But once you are into this habit it won’t let you go; it will make you addicted and destroy you inside out.

Everyone around the world knows that it is suicide, it kills you slowly and gradually. This addiction damages you without letting you notice.

Studies reveal that smoking affects the functionality of your organisms, not just this but also open you to further health disorders. This means if you smoke, you are vulnerable now.
Smoking majorly affects your throat, lungs, skin cancer and creates issues in the respiratory system, also apart from this it also causes High blood pressure, stomach pain, vomiting, and nausea.
Recent studies reveal that single cigarette contains over 4,800 chemicals, 69 of which are known to cause cancer.
In late 90’s people used to smoke without considering its side effects, but now as people are getting more and more aware of its side effects, they are more into quit smoking.

Quitting smoking is not easily possible but likely. It requires your real efforts to kick the addiction.

What is Niconot?

Stop WORRYING!!! Niconot is here to help you in quitting smoking and get rid of this life taking addiction. Niconot tablet is a natural quit smoking product, the mixture of potent herbs that can help you in withdraw of smoking. Natural herbs in this tablet overcome the cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

How Niconot works?

Niconot is an anti-nicotine tablet which mainly works on the very same receptors of the brain that nicotine binds to when you smoke. It conceals the craving of nicotine and helps to wipe out this addiction completely.
In the result of these pills your body will face physiological changes; also it will gradually heal up weakness inside your body caused by the inhale of nicotine. It will physically stabilize and intensify your body to cope with nicotine cravings and other body changes.


Niconot Ingredients

Niconot is a natural replacement of nicotine. It is made up of:

Syzygium aromaticum:  It help to cure coldness and common coughing

Adhatoda vasica: Deals with asthma, sore throat and bronchitis problems.

Glycyrrhiza Glabra: Cope with side effects caused by sudden quite of smoking and clear nasal pathways.

Ocimum sanctum and Acorus calamus: Works as a most effective remedy and plays the vital role in reducing craving for nicotine.

Zingiber officinale: Deals with your blood circulation and strengthens your muscles, it also stabilizes your emotions and mood swings.

These all natural herbs play their part in quitting smoking and help you in dealing with withdrawal symptoms.   Zingiber officinale

How to use Niconot

Niconot is very easy to use, as it is a tablet treatment, so you don’t need to get in trouble injects it in your body. For useful results just take one tablet of Niconot three time a day with water.

You will start feeling the difference in next 10 to 15 days. To properly abolish the cravings of nicotine and smoke, it needs to be continuing for minimum 3 months.

Why Niconot?

Niconot is a nicotine free, natural herbs mixture. It not just reduces the desire to smoke but also deal with the withdrawal symptoms and stabilize the circulatory system to make your inner system strong enough to cope with the addiction of nicotine. The best thing about Niconot is it has no side effects.

Pros and cons


• Combination of natural herbs
• Strengthen body system to cope with addiction
• No Nicotine
• Effective Natural Treatment
• No side effects
• Doctors recommended
• Money back guarantee for 3 months


• No money back guarantee for opened products
• It’s a continues treatment, so once you start this treatment stick to it, to achieve satisfactory results.


Nicotine is not just easy to go treatment, but with reasonable prices, you just don’t need to get into overpriced treatments. 1 bottle of nicotine cost $25.95, 2 bottles for $49.95. Also, they offer 3 bottles for $65.95(best deal) and a pack of 6 bottles for just $124.95. So you can easily order any pack according to your ease.
Also, Niconot offers you money back guarantee to 3 months if you are not satisfied with the results which are the least possibility.



Studies show that 85% of smokers want to quit this desire, but most of them don’t go for it because they are not open to deal with shortcomings smokers face in the beginning when they quit smoking and also afraid of its withdrawal symptoms.

But if you want to live healthily then “Do what it takes to overcome your fear. Do it every day” because after all health is everything. Highly recommended!!

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