Thermakor Review – Fat Burner from Kor Nutrition

usually what remains our biggest fear in battling our body fats is our untimely hunger which ruins our desire of having a slender body. Our ever-loving food selves keeps us from not eating more. What if there was a something which would rob away our hunger without harming us whilst boosting our Energy levels to start our day.

What is Thermakor?

Thermakor Fat Burner

Thermakor fat burner is the first step towards a happy and healthy lifestyle. If you’ve decided to melt down your fats it’s time to loosen a couple of weight and to begin performing more actively at the gym without worrying about after-gym appetite.

Thermakor allows your body to burn fat at much faster rate due to the mechanism of thermogenesis – it increases your body temperature and produces heat ,which helps in melting down body fats.


  • boosts metabolism
  • reduces body fats
  • provides long lasting energy
  • increases mental concentration
  • manufactured from all natural ingredients


  • appetite suppressant
  • metabolism booster
  • enhances energy
  • manufactured from natural ingredients
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • if used properly as instructed does not bear any side effects
  • controls cholesterol levels


  • no ingredient quantities provided
  • some negative reviews
  • long list of possible side effects if taken without any consultation

Some facts

  • manufactured by Kor Nutrition
  • 60 capsules per bottle
  • Thermogenetic fat burner

how to take Thermakor?

  • about 1-2 capsules should be taken between meals
  • first serving should be taken in the morning
  • people who are sensitive towards caffeine should refrain from taking capsule with in 6 hours of bed time
  • thermakore recommends 2 capsules daily for 3 months in order to maximize results

Thermakor Review 

There are some customer testimonials on the official Thermakor website.

I’ve been taking this product for three weeks, and I’m pleasantly surprised to say it works. I’ve already lost six pounds. I couldn’t be happier.

I lost 3.5 lbs in my first 2 weeks without any side effects, it controls my appetite and I’ve been thinking a lot less about food. I will continue using it.

This is a great product. I am not hungry at all. I feel great and my mood is awesome. I feel like I can do anything. I have so much energy I don’t know what to do with it. Thank you for making such a great supplement.

I didn’t feel any boast of energy using this. My appetite was not curbed. No results from using this product. I don’t recommend it.

Not what I expected at all!!! I didn’t even feel it.

I bought this to lose weight/fat. I am no longer able to exercise and it may work better if combined with exercise. I did notice I did not get as sleepy as I usually do.

This thing is strong. Maybe its cuz I only way 108 pounds, but seriously 1 a day was all i could do. But it works great. I dropped 2% ish body fat in 2 weeks. I was stuck at 14% for over 6 months – then started taking thermakor and finally broke 14. Pretty awesome. Plus the energy feels good and I have no crash. Im a fan. Good product. Good company.

Does give a good “jolt” when I use it and really does cut down my snacking habits. Can give me too much of a racing heart if I take it & do not workout (walk, clean house..)


Core Nutrition Thermakor contains the following ingredients:

Great Tea Extracts

ThermakorA well known anti oxidizing component usually known for its fat burning attributes as it increase metabolism.

 Garcinia CambogiathermakorGarcinia Cambogia is a tropical fruit also known as Malabar tamarind . It is used as a diet supplement which prevents your body from fat formation and suppresses hunger.

Green coffee bean extract


 An active ingredient in reducing fat mass and cholesterol levels.

Horde nine


fat mass is formed due to the presence of fat cells which multiply as our carbs-intake increases . Horde nine is one well known for its three main characteristics : reduces body fat ,boosts energy and controls appetite.



It is an active component in increasing lean body mass.



It is found naturally in raspberries and decreases the ability of your body from storing fats, starches and carbs.




As  the matter of facts thermakor does not bear any chronic or harmful side effects but there is no denying to the fact that different supplements act differently on bodies. Presence of caffeine might induce a jittery feeling whilst boosting energy. In rare situations, such supplements might induce nausea.  People not used to thermogenic fat-burners might feel a little unusual to the energy boost in first few days .

Pregnant Women and Nursing women should not take any supplement like this and people with existing medical conditions should consult a doctor.


  • do not consume if pregnant or nursing
  • people allergic to any of the natural ingredients should consult a doctor.
  • not suitable for people under 18
  • not recommended for people who are allergic to aspirin or had heart related problems including high blood pressure and diabetic patients.
  • people undergoing depression or anxiety , diagnosed mental illness are strongly discouraged from its consumption.


In theory, looking at the supplement label, this product is likely to assist you with following problems such as suppression of craving, fat burning and mental alertness.

  1. Dramatically accelerates the body’s fat burning ability at the side of inhibition of fat formation.
  2. Helps suppress craving and emotional cravings to reduce calorie intake serving for better weight management.
  3. Spikes the body’s metabolic rates whereas ramping up stamina and endurance levels to assist build explosive lean muscle.
  4. Replenishes the body’s energy stores to convey you the extra physical and mental edge to perform higher in your daily routine.

some core benefits

As thermakor firmly takes privilege in providing quality to its customers. It comes out with a 100% 30 day money back guarantee for those who are not satisfied with the results.

According to thermakor manufacturers

“We stand by our product. If you’re unhappy with your first-time order for any reason you can return the product for a full refund of the purchase price. In order to obtain your refund for an order you must send in the product within 30 days of your initial order date. Include within the package your full name and order # and/or order date. It’s that simple”

Thermakor can be order from anywhere to everywhere with free world wide shipping.

how can you buy?

you can but thermakor from its official website.

Based on the quantity of capsules i-e 60 capsules, one bottle is sufficient for one month consumption.It is available in different packages.

1 bottle (one month) costs $59

2 bottles ( two months)  costs $98

3 bottles (three months) costs $117

For placing your order click here.



Thermakor is an exciting diet supplement which helps in reducing body fat mass . It has been manufactured from natural ingredients for abatement of side effects. All the fitness benefits bottled into one container to help you achieve your fitness goals . Thermakor makes it much it more easier to help your lose weight by increasing metabolism , energy levels and suppressing appetite.





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