Zyppah Review – Best Anti Snoring Device? or a Scam?

Are you someone who is dealing with excessive snoring such that it pisses your partner off? Or is it your family longing for a good night’s sleep but can’t have it because you dear snore? Or do you simply don’t want to run your new dates off just because you snore so loud? Believe it or not, impression really does matter which is why we here are giving you a lifelong remedy to cure your headache i.e snoring by introducing you to this heavenly medicine called zyppah.

Quick Information:

  • Name of the Product: Zyppah
  • Purpose: Stop Snoring
  • Price: $99


So what is this thing zyppah? Here’s everything you’ll need to know about zyppah and how it does its wonders. We’ve got it all covered up in this review for you, stay with us till the end and we promise you won’t be disappointed.



So what’s Zyppah?

Zyppah, reversly spelled as Happy Z is a small snoring elimination device that works by putting the device under your jaws and just letting it sit there for the whole night.

Basically it has a rubber strap that enables the tongue to be in a fit direction and not letting it rest deep in the throat due
to which irritation is produced, it disables the irritation made by the tongue while we snore, another notice that should be taken in consideration here is that snoring is mainly through the mouth and not the nose, a lot of people think that snoring is done when the nasal passages are blocked however this is not the case, snoring is a root cause of the tongue in our mouth, it relaxes deep in the throat as we sleep and thus we snore.


How Does Zyypah Work

After you purchase you set of zyppah you will be given a green box with many compliments and stuff written on it. Inside there will be many manuals and you must carefully read them before enabling the device for precautions, a custom colour of your personal snoring eliminator will rest on the surface smooth and flat, take it out and like the instructions say, put it in hot water and let it rest, after the due time you have to leave a mark of your teeth on it, you are doing it so to settle it down with rest for the next time you wear it. Then put it in cold water so the marks firm for the specified time.

Now your personal snoring eliminator is ready to use, put it under your jaws every time you go to sleep making sure the strap is above your tongue, inside the mouth it feels smooth and soothing rather than giving you discomfort and irritation. You will slowly begin to feel the changes, positive changes with time.


How to use Zyppah sleep apnea device

  1. Make sure your mouth is clean and you are ready to sleep.
  2. Take out your zyppah sleep apnea device which should be cleaned from before.
  3. Put it in your teeth firmly at its place.
  4. The lower jaw should be a bit at the front for throat clearance.
  5. Now make sure that the rubber strap is above your tongue.
  6. Close your mouth and enjoy your goodnight’s sleep with comfort and peace.
  7. Sterilize your device upon waking up in the morning.

You can choose your favourite colour upon buying it and zyppah will give you a money back guarantee, the company is much more interested in getting good results about their product than just selling which makes it much more reliable and trustworthy in use.


Does Zyppah Work?

Zyppah has worked out for many people across the globe and they are really happy with it. Before buying the product do check out the reviews and they themselves speak the story. Here’s one of the review from different forums:

“Truly amazing. I kept my wife awake with ridiculously loud snoring. Also since I was swallowing my tongue I stopped breathing. Not true apnea but same as since I couldn’t breathe with my tongue in my throat. I thought there was no way something like this could work but I went along with it when my wife ordered it and mainly to prove her wrong.

Just the opposite. I will admit that I was determined to give it every opportunity to work bc I didn’t want it to be a wAste of $90. It was hard to get used to at first. It takes time and patience to allow your jaw to loosen up and not hurt from moving forward. It makes you druel.

I use nose spray to open my sinuses and the Zyppah now and I get the best rest as does my wife. The druel is actually great as it keeps my mouth and tongue moist while I sleep. Honestly If you go in with the a positive mindset that you will keep at it until it works for you, you won’t be disappointed.”


Is it safe to try zyppah?

Zyppah is tested and is a safe method to use for all the people insecure about its safety, it has been tested and made through many trials and errors by a dentist himself so you can be completely sure. It is is brought to the customers in its best form with no major side effects. The rubber strap is free of any chemicals like BPA chemicals etc. The airflow hole will let you breathe so easily and happily.


Price of Zyppah

Although zyppah is quite a handy life changing device it is available on sale on the official website at a price of 99.95$ which a huge discounted price for such a big gadget that can change lives. You can check out many other things and reviews on their official site too.


Tips to Obtain The Best Out of Your Zyppah Device

  1. Always sterilize it before and after use.
  2. Take care of the thermoplastic.
  3. Keep it safe from excessive temperature.
  4. Don’t let children under three play with it as it may lead to damage.
  5. Make sure that you imprint your teeth correctly at imprinting time.
  6. Lower jaw should be a bit outer than upper.
  7. Strap should be on the tongue.
  8. Keep the device away from all types of harsh chemicals.



This sleep apnea device has worked out wonders for a ton of people out there and is currently the most reliable method to stop sleep apnea. It is a great product to buy for such price.

We hope that you like our zyppah sleep apnea’s review. If you have any queries let us know in the comments bar below.

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